30.07.12 by Jeff

Zoran Pungercar

Illustrator Zoran Pungercar
Illustrations by Zoran Pungercar.

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23.07.12 by Jeff

Liam Stevens

Drawings by illustrator Liam Stevens
Drawings by Liam Stevens.

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10.07.12 by Jeff

Sato Kanae

Japanese illustrator Sato Kanae
Illustrations by Sato Kanae.

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06.07.12 by Jeff

Juan Chavarria Jr.

Illustrator Juan Chavarria Jr.
Illustrations by Juan Chavarria Jr.

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06.07.12 by Jeff

Peony Yip

Artist illustrator Peony Yip
Drawings by Peony Yip.

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27.06.12 by Jeff

Conor Nolan

Illustrator Conor Nolan
Illustrations by Conor Nolan.

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04.06.12 by Jeff

Vampire Hunter illustration by Ramsey Chapman

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter illustration by Ramsey Chapman
I gotta say I’m stoked to see someone from Booooooom submit the best entry to the Fresh Blood Hunt (in my opinion). This illustration by Ramsey Chapman is one of the finalists! There’s nothing in it for me if he wins but I’d love to see him take it!

You can vote for him at: freshbloodhunt.co.uk

10.05.12 by Jeff

Tim Lahan

Tim Lahan
More from Tim Lahan.

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