30.04.09 by Jeff

Sachiko Kanaizumi

Drawings by Sachiko Kanaizumi.

sachiko kanaizumi illustrator illustration
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29.04.09 by Jeff

Jacob Rolfe

Illustrations by Jacob Rolfe aka Skywhale. He can tattoo you too!

jacob rolfe tattoo art illustrator illustration
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27.04.09 by Jeff

Chris Pew

Illustrations by Chris Pew. Oakland.

chris pew illustrator illustration
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23.04.09 by Jeff

Matthew Feyld

Drawings by Matthew Feyld.

matthew feyld drawing
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23.04.09 by Jeff

Lydia Ortiz

Drawings by Lydia Ortiz.

lydia ortiz drawing illustration
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21.04.09 by Jeff

Brock Davis

Illustrations by Brock Davis. This first one has been circulating the net for some time, but perhaps you haven’t seen his drawing of a unicorn with a unibrow on a unicycle… actually Unicycle Unicorn would be a cool name for a band.

brock davis illustrator illustration
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20.04.09 by Jeff

Dave Barnes

Illustrations by Dave Barnes. I first saw his work at a show I was also showing at, in Whistler last year. Fantastic stuff.

dave barnes art illustration
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