05.08.09 by Jeff

Heavy Pencil

This Friday, Heavy Pencil is going down at the ICA Bar in London! It’s a monthly event where amazing illustrators are invited to draw live, in response to music. This month’s guests are Sac Magique and Ville Savimaa! You are stupid if you don’t show up for this.

Institute of Contemporary Art (Bar). Friday. 8PM. Free.

magique sac ville savimaa illustration illustrator institute of contemporary arts london

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31.07.09 by Jeff

Peter Oumanski

Pages from Peter Oumanski’s sketchbooks.

peter oumanski illustration illustrator sketch book drawing
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30.07.09 by Jeff

Kristina Collantes

New work by Kristina Collantes.

kristina collantes art illustrator illustration drawing
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27.07.09 by Jeff

Francis Vallejo

Illustrations and sketchbook pages from Francis Vallejo.

francis vallejo illustration illustrator drawing sketch
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22.07.09 by Jeff


Illustrations by Sougwen Chung. Stockholm, Sweden.

sougwen chung sweden illustration designer drawing illustrator
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21.07.09 by Jeff

Carsten Oliver Bieräugel

Drawings by Carsten Oliver Bieräugel.

Carsten Oliver Bieräugel illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Siri Hol

The Faces Series, by Siri Hol. Netherlands. Love these!

siri hol drawing painting illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Andrew Clark

Illustrations by Andrew Clark. London.

andrew clark illustrator illustration
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