03.02.09 by Jeff

Michael Wandelmaier

Another Canadian, eh! Illustrator Michael Wandelmaier (Toronto).

michael wandelmaier illustration illustrator editorial canada toronto Read More

03.02.09 by Jeff

Jessica Fortner

Jessica Fortner builds sculptures and photographs them to create her illustrations. She offers a nice peek into her process here.

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02.02.09 by Jeff

Ruth Ishbel Munro

Illustrations by Ruth Ishbel Munro.

ruth ishbel munro illustrator illustration drawing Read More

02.02.09 by Jeff

Courtney Reagor

Love these illustrations from Courtney Reagor’s sketchbook. I found her work after she left a comment on a recent post, so just a bit of proof that I do read all your comments and visit your links.

courtney reagor illustration sunglasses raised on sandwiches booooooom Read More

30.01.09 by Jeff

Mark Todd

Fantastic mixed media comic book covers by Mark Todd. I love the really distorted ones, so raw and oozing nostalgia – obviously created by someone with a real love of comics.

todd mark illustration illustrator comic book mixed media distorted spray cel-vinyl Read More

30.01.09 by Jeff

Andrew Gordon

Artwork by Andrew Gordon (most of which is quite colourful, but I really liked these drawings). My holga is collecting dust on my shelf too!

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29.01.09 by Jeff

Jillian Tamaki

Illustrations by Jillian Tamaki.

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29.01.09 by Jeff

Raquel Aparicio

Illustrations by Raquel Aparicio – Love love LOVE her work.

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28.01.09 by Jeff


Illustrations by Brazil’s Kako.

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