25.02.09 by Jeff

James Blagden

Illustrations by Brooklyn’s James Blagden.

james blagden illustration illustrator
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24.02.09 by Jeff

Wesley Allsbrook

Illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook (another RISD grad). This is the first time I’ve seen Wesley used as a girl’s name, and I like it. Great work.

wesley allsbrook illustrator illustration
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23.02.09 by Jeff

Ariel Aberg-Riger

Drawings by Ariel Aberg-Riger.

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23.02.09 by Jeff

John Hendrix

John Hendrix’s sketchbook.

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23.02.09 by Jeff

Olaf Hajek

Illustrations by Olaf Hajek.

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20.02.09 by Jeff

Kavel Rafferty

A brilliant series of illustrations by Kavel Rafferty. Have you ever got email for Viagra or fake designer watches? Rafferty noticed the senders often had strange and wonderful names and created faces to go along with them. The series is aptly titled, Spam Head.

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20.02.09 by Jeff

Jeff Soto / Time-lapse painting

I’m a big fan of Jeff Soto and was planning to post about his work in the near future and then I saw this great little time-lapse of him painting The Corruption Of Mankind. It’s a 12′ x 5′ piece for his solo show at the Riverside Art Museum. Love it.

via: wooster (who else?)

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19.02.09 by Jeff

Catell Ronca

Illustrations by Catell Ronca. That last image perfectly captures what it’s like whenever I hit the clubs. Why does the girl with the bird head always insist on grabbing my leg? Annoying!

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