18.05.09 by Jeff

Lauren Nassef

For the past 18 months Chicago-based Lauren Nassef has been adding A Drawing A Day to her blog, and now you can purchase them!

lauren nassef illustrator illustration drawing collage chicago
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18.05.09 by Jeff

Alexandre Day

Drawings by Alexandre Day. France. Diggin ’em.

alexandre day drawing illustration sketch illustrator
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14.05.09 by Jeff

Matthew Palladino

Paintings by Matthew Palladino. San Francisco.

matthew palladino illustration illustrator drawing
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13.05.09 by Jeff

Yellena James

Paintings by Yellena James, like polaroids from another dimension.

yellena james paintings illustration
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11.05.09 by Jeff

Riikka Sormunen

Illustrations by Riikka Sormunen. Finland.

riikka sormunen illustrator illustration
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11.05.09 by Jeff

Sarajo Frieden

Drawings by Sarajo Frieden. Los Angeles.

sarajo frieden illustration illustrator drawing
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08.05.09 by Jeff

Keith Shore

Paintings by Keith Shore.

keith shore painting illustration drawing
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07.05.09 by Jeff

William Crump

Drawings by William Crump. New York.

william crump drawing
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