28.05.09 by Jeff

El Neoray

Drawings by El Neoray.

el neoray drawing illustration illustrator
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27.05.09 by Jeff

Hannah Stouffer Giveaway!

Today’s your lucky day! My friend Hannah Stouffer wants to hook up three of you with a beautiful t-shirt, book, and an art print! Each person will get all three!

hannah stouffer tee book print drawing illustration illustrator giveaway

If you want in, leave a comment below, stating:

1. your worst fear

2. tee size (s/m/l)

3. tee style (guy/girl).

Winners will be selected Monday so you have lots of time to tell your friends to enter as well!

Now go tell Hannah she’s beautiful!

26.05.09 by Jeff

Kristina Collantes

New work from illustrator, Kristina Collantes.

kristina collantes illustration illustrator
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26.05.09 by Jeff

Allyson Mellberg

Drawings by Allyson Mellberg.

allyson mellberg illustrator illustration drawing
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25.05.09 by Jeff

Andy J. Miller

New work by my friend, Andy Miller.

andy miller illustration illustrator drawing
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25.05.09 by Jeff

Karina Eibatova

Drawings by Karina Eibatova.

Eika Dopludo illustration illustrator drawing Karina Eibatova
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25.05.09 by Jeff

Hilary Pecis

Collages by Hilary Pecis. San Francisco.

hilary pecis collage illustration illustrator
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25.05.09 by Jeff

Jessie Douglas

Drawings by Jessie Douglas. Plymouth.

jessie douglas illustration illustrator drawing
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