09.07.09 by Jeff

Matt Hendon

Some sketches by illustrator, Matt Hendon. Long Beach.

matt hendon illustrator illustration drawing sketch book
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07.07.09 by Jeff

James Jirat Patradoon

Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon.

james jirat patradoon illustration illustrator comic book drawing
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06.07.09 by Jeff

Jenny Kim

Illustrations by Jenny Kim. Vancouver.

jenny kim vancouver illustration illustrator
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01.07.09 by Jeff

Matthew The Horse

Illustrations by Matthew The Horse.

matthew the horse illustrator illustration
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29.06.09 by Jeff

Richard Hogg

Illustrations by Richard Hogg.

richard hogg illustrator illustration graphic artist
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26.06.09 by Jeff

Jörn Kaspuhl

Illustrations by Jörn Kaspuhl. Hamburg, Germany.

jorn kaspuhl illustration illustrator drawing
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24.06.09 by Jeff

Tessar Lo

Paintings by Tessar Lo. Toronto.

tessar lo illustrator illustration drawing painting
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23.06.09 by Jeff

Anorak Magazine

I got a nice package from the wonderful people at Anorak Magazine and I am completely blown away. This is my new favourite publication and the craziest part is that it’s a freakin children’s magazine!

anorak magazine kids children illustration publication art

My beef with kids programming these days is that it is all soooo dumbed down and Anorak truly is a breath of fresh air. Imaginative illustrations, amazing hand-lettering, and beautiful page layouts. Apparently the Tate Modern and Colette agree with me as they’re included on the list of outlets stocking the mag.

anorak magazine kids children illustration publication art
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