22.06.09 by Jeff

Esra Roise

Illustrations by Esra Røise. Oslo, Norway.

esra roise illustration illustrator oslo norway norwegian
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Will Bryant

Mixed-media collagey goodness by Will Bryant (whom I mentioned before). These are older works but I came across them again recently and I call the shots around here so this is what you get.

will bryant drawing mixed media collage illustration
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17.06.09 by Jeff

Fionn McCabe

Drawings by Fionn McCabe.

fionn mccabe drawing artist
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15.06.09 by Jeff

Fernando Vicente

Illustrations by Fernando Vicente.

fernando vicente illustrator illustration vanitas
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10.06.09 by Jeff

Jaakko Pallasvuo

Drawings by Jaakko Pallasvuo. I like that ink bleed style.

jaakko pallasvuo illustrator illustration drawing
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10.06.09 by Jeff

Gemma Correll’s new band!

Gemma Correll poses next to her freshly painted bandmates outside a pub in London! I imagine they sound something like this or this.

gemma correll mural band london

10.06.09 by Jeff

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Illustrations by Julia Sonmi Heglund.

julia sonmi heglund illustrator illustration
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Mike Bertino

Illustrations by Mike Bertino.

mike bertino drawing illustration illustrator
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