23.09.13 by Jeff

Monica Ramos

Illustrator Monica Ramos

Illustrations by Monica Ramos. See more below!

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23.09.13 by Jeff

Josh Cochran

Illustrator Josh Cochran

A variety of work by illustrator Josh Cochran. See more below!

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04.09.13 by Staff

“7th Floor” by Naoya Agasuke

7th Floor by artist illustrator Naoya Agasuke
Love these commissioned illustrations by artist Naoya Agasuke. See more below!

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08.08.13 by Jeff

Andrew Archer


Illustrator Andrew Archer


Illustrations by Andrew Archer. More below!

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06.08.13 by Jeff

Alice Moloney

Alice Moloney illustration

Illustrations by Alice Moloney. More below!

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06.08.13 by Jeff

Klara Persson

Klara Persson artist illustrator

Drawings by illustrator Klara Persson. (A personal fav)

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05.08.13 by Jeff

Santtu Mustonen

Artist Santtu Mustonen

Illustrations by artist Santtu Mustonen.

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02.08.13 by Jeff

Veronique Meignaud

Artist illustrator Veronique Meignaud

Veronique Meignaud is my favourite illustrator living in Canada (by way of France). She has one of the most diverse portfolios I’ve seen, every page is bursting with ideas. A true master of both digital and traditional mark making. When I first featured her several years ago she was still living in France, now she lives in Montreal.

Take a look at more of her work below!

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25.07.13 by Staff

Ashley Mackenzie

illustrations by artist ashley mackenzie

Powerful set of images by artist Ashley Mackenzie! Check out more of her illustrations below!

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