20.01.09 by Jeff

Anje Jager

Illustrations by Anje Jager.

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20.01.09 by Jeff

Charmaine Olivia

A deer wearing gym socks by Charmaine Olivia.

charmaine olivia illustration illustrator
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20.01.09 by Jeff

Lisa Romero

I have mentioned numerous times that I eventually want to illustrate a children’s book and when I got a bunch of ideas when I saw Lisa Romero’s doodles.

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19.01.09 by Jeff

Mr Jago

Saw some work on Jago’s site I hadn’t seen before.

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19.01.09 by Jeff

Scott Radnidge

Drawings by Scott Radnidge.

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16.01.09 by Jeff

Will Barras

One of my favourites, Will Barras.

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16.01.09 by Jeff

Aadi Salman

Characters in a variety of styles by comic artist, Aadi Salman.

aadi salman comic book artist illustrator illustration
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15.01.09 by Jeff


Love this illustration by Heiko.

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