28.01.09 by Jeff

Daisy Fletcher

Illustrations by Daisy Fletcher.

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28.01.09 by Jeff

Stefanie Augustine

Illustrations by Stefanie Augustine (love the Mad Men one).

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28.01.09 by Jeff

Sterling Hundley

Illustrations by Sterling Hundley.

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27.01.09 by Jeff

Ronald Kurniawan

A wild mix of painterly illustrations and type explorations by Ronald Kurniawan. Really unique style – love it.

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27.01.09 by Jeff

Josh Cochran

Illustrations by Josh Cochran.

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26.01.09 by Jeff

Andrew Archer

Illustrations by Andrew Archer.

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24.01.09 by Jeff

Fumi Mini Nakamura

Beautiful illustrations by Fumi Mini Nakamura.

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23.01.09 by Jeff

Regino Gonzales

Fantastic work by artist Regino Gonzales. Gonzales does so many things other than tattooing, to simply label him a tattoo artist would be inadequate.

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