09.03.09 by Jeff

Megan Whitmarsh

Give Megan Whitmarsh a needle and thread and this is what you get. Check out the drawings on her site, they’re great too!

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09.03.09 by Jeff

Kirk Hiatt

Drawings by Philadelphia-based illustrator, Kirk Hiatt.

kirk hiatt illustration illustrator drawing philadelphia
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09.03.09 by Jeff

Dan Funderburgh

Love these decorative saw blades by Dan Funderburgh.

dan funderburgh graphic design wallpaper illustration pattern
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04.03.09 by Jeff


Bosque is a collective of designers from Argentina who all share a passion for illustration, and an obvious soft spot for making things by hand.

bosque design graphic studio buenos aires argentina collective
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02.03.09 by Jeff

Cody Hoyt

Rainbow coloured explosive goodness by Cody Hoyt.

cody hoyt drawing sketch illustration letter type

via: myloveforyou

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02.03.09 by Jeff

Lance Armstrong hires James Jean!

Supertouch reports that Lance Armstrong has commissioned several artists to create chalk art in the streets of LA to raise awareness for his Livestrong foundation. Enjoy some images of James Jean’s fantastic contribution!

james jean lance armstrong livestrong art campaign chalk
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01.03.09 by Jeff

Charlotte Traynor

I like these “isometric mountains” by Charlotte Traynor. She started following our tweets on Twitter and her profile pic sparked my interest.

charlotte traynor drawings illustration illustrator
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27.02.09 by Jeff

Esther Pearl Watson

I love these paintings by Esther Pearl Watson! Growing up, her father liked to build huge flying saucers out of scrap metal and car engines, and now her father’s hobby lives on in her work. I have always loved the idea of Calvin and Hobbes in that, Calvin is the only one who sees Hobbes as a living tiger. These paintings capture that same kind of thing – giant scraps of metal from one point of view, and yet hovering all around town from another.

esther pearl watson painter painting illustration
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