02.01.09 by Jeff

Gustavo Aimar

Illustrator Gustavo Aimar.

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02.01.09 by Jeff

Ron Wimberly / D-Pi

Brooklyn-based illustrator Ron Wimberly a.k.a. D-Pi. The Asian-infused hip hop style reminds me a bit of Bagger43.

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02.01.09 by Jeff

Mayuko Fujino

Paper cutout work from Mayuko Fujino.

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30.12.08 by Jeff

Pietari Posti

Awesome series of illustrations – giant animals roaming around in the city, by Pietari Posti.

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30.12.08 by Jeff

Dan Haskett

Great use of colour in these illustrations by Dan Haskett.

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30.12.08 by Jeff

Kazu Kibuishi

Fantastic illustrations by Kazu Kibuishi – very imaginative! They remind me a bit of Miyazaki, and that’s always a good thing.

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29.12.08 by Jeff

NoPattern / Book

Over the holidays Chuck Anderson (NoPattern) put out a crispy 8×9 book, Wandering Off Into Space. It’s a steal at just $25!

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29.12.08 by Jeff

Chloe Green

Illustrator, Chloe Green.

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