10.03.14 by Jeff

Isabel Seliger


Drawings by Isabel Seliger. More below.

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10.03.14 by Jeff

Jonny Negron


Some of Jonny Negron’s work is too sexually explicit for me to post here (at least based on the way I’m currently curating the site), but this is an artist with a direct line to his own subconscious. More below.

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09.03.14 by Jeff

Rafael Pereira


Illustrations by Rafael Pereira. Found via March Submissions. See more below.

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05.03.14 by Jeff

Nino Christen


Drawings by illustrator Nino Christen. Via Google+.

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24.02.14 by Jeff

Naftali Beder


Drawings by Naftali Beder. Found via February Submissions.

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27.01.14 by Jeff

Katie So



Drawings from “Destined For Misery”, a comic by Vancouver-based illustrator Katie So. See more below (the last image should be a t-shirt).

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27.01.14 by Jeff

Alex Beck


Paintings by artist illustrator Alex Beck.

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23.01.14 by Jeff

Mark Hall-Patch


“The Faults In Me” drawings by Mark Hall-Patch, based in Vancouver. I love these, more below.

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