25.07.13 by Jeff

Alison Ann Woodward

Artist illustrator Alison Ann Woodward

Works by illustrator Alison Ann Woodward, met her tonight at Snag. See more below!

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24.07.13 by Jeff

Maximillian Quy

Artist Illustrator Maximillian Quy

Drawings by artist illustrator Maximillian Quy. Auckland, New Zealand. Lots more below!

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19.07.13 by Jeff

Gabriel Iumazark

Drawings by artist illustrator Gabriel Iumazark

Drawings by Gabriel Iumazark. Brazil. More below!

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17.07.13 by Jeff

Sam Yong

Artist illustrator Sam Yong

Works by Sam Yong. Auckland, New Zealand. I had no idea who was behind Lorde’s fantastic album artwork until I came across Sam’s Instagram. Lots more below!

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15.07.13 by Jeff

Hisashi Okawa

Artist illustrator Hisashi Okawa

Works by Hisashi Okawa. Tokyo, Japan.

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10.07.13 by Jeff

Haejung Lee

Artist illustrator Haejung Lee
Drawings by illustrator Haejung Lee. Submitted via Tumblr.

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28.06.13 by Jeff

Oliver Jeffers / Artist Profile

Oliver Jeffers / Artist Profile
From now on this should be a benchmark for producing an artist profile! Without question, the best I’ve seen. The filming and editing here are brilliant, and they playfully reflect the tone of Oliver Jeffers’ work. Watch below!

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19.06.13 by Jeff

Kilian Eng

Artist illustrator Kilian Eng
Illustrations by Kilian Eng. The best in the game as far as I’m concerned. Lots more below!

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