27.06.14 by Jeff

Aisha Franz


Drawings by illustrator Aisha Franz (previously featured here). More below.

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09.06.14 by Jeff

Vita Yang


Drawings by illustrator Vita Yang whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Taipei last week. She’s worked with Agnès B, Vogue, GQ, and HUMAN MADE. See more of her work below.

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21.05.14 by Jeff

Na Kim


Drawings by illustrator Na Kim. Brooklyn, New York.

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21.05.14 by Jeff

Hannah K. Lee


I love Hannah K. Lee’s type work, and her latest zine “Everyone Else Is Younger And More Talented” is A+. You can snag it here. See more pages from the zine below.

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13.05.14 by Jeff

Julianna Brion


Sketchbook pages (old recycled books) by Julianna Brion.

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06.05.14 by Jeff

Cai Vail


Works by illustrator Cai Vail. Found via May Submissions. More below.

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28.04.14 by Jeff

Hsiao-Ron Cheng


Works by Taiwanese illustrator Hsiao-Ron Cheng. More below.

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15.04.14 by Jeff

Liisa Kruusmagi


Drawings by Liisa Kruusmagi. Found via April Submissions. More below.

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