03.01.11 by Jeff

Mikkel Sommer

Comic book artist Mikkel Sommer.

comic book artist mikkel sommer
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20.12.10 by Jeff

Andrea Wan

More illustrations from my favourite, Andrea Wan. Hire her!

andrea wan illustrator illustration artist
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16.12.10 by Jeff

James Jean

Interesting new work by James Jean, I want more!

artist painter painting james jean

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15.12.10 by Jeff

Dhear One

More work by Dhear One.

dhear one artist drawing painting mexico
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10.12.10 by Jeff

Max Dalton

“Ten Great Years”, a fantastic poster by Max Dalton.

max dalton ten great years beatles poster
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07.12.10 by Jeff

Jesse Jacobs

Drawings by Jesse Jacobs. London, Ontario.

artist illustrator jesse jacobs illustration
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01.12.10 by Jeff

Cam Floyd

Drawings by Cam Floyd.

sketches drawings illustrations illustrator cam floyd
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25.11.10 by Jeff

Patrick Kyle

Drawings by Patrick Kyle.

artist illustrator illustration patrick kyle
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24.11.10 by Jeff

Matt Lee

“Presence of Absence”, by Matt Lee.

illustrator illustration matt lee presence of absence
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