02.12.11 by Jeff

Damien Correll

Works by Damien Correll.

Artist Damien Correll

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24.11.11 by Jeff

Tomer Hanuka / Interview

I’m still putting together posts covering my trip to Israel but in the meantime I thought you might be interested in a mini interview with Israeli illustrator Tomer Hanuka.

I also have a giveaway copy of his new book “Overkill” which contains over a decade of his work. If you wanna snag the book, read to the end of the interview!



Illustrator Tomer Hanuka Overkill monogram book


It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver, although it’s now mid-afternoon and I’ve been inside all day working. Can you describe where you are right now?

I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window. It has a view of the building right next to us — a wall of bedroom windows so close you can jump straight into those tenants lives and pick up where they stopped. This is the east village, in New York. It’s calm, gray, just rained.

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24.11.11 by Jeff

Katie Scott

Illustrations by Katie Scott.

Illustrator Katie Scott

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23.11.11 by Jeff


Some new work from Von.

Von semblance series

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11.11.11 by Jeff

Jake Evans

Drawings by Jake Evans.

Artist illustrator Jake Evans
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11.11.11 by Jeff

Giacomo Bagnara

Illustrations by Giacomo Bagnara.

Illustrator Giacomo Bagnara illustration
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11.11.11 by Jeff

Jochen Schievink

Illustrations by Jochen Schievink.

Illustrator Jochen Schievink illustration
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03.11.11 by Jeff

Pia Bramley

Drawings by Pia Bramley.

Artist illustrator Pia Bramley
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