19.06.13 by Jeff

Comics by Simon Landrein

Comic drawings by artist Simon Landrein
Comics by Simon Landrein.

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18.06.13 by Jeff

Evan Hecox

Artist illustrator Evan Hecox
Mixed media works by Evan Hecox. Long-time fan of his work, happy to see him updating his site! Lots of images below!

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29.05.13 by Jeff

Jillian Tamaki

illustrations by Jillian Tamaki
“Irish Myths and Legends”, illustrations by Jillian Tamaki!

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22.05.13 by Jeff

Simon C. Page

graphic designer Simon C Page
“Optical Ripple” by Simon C. Page. Love his poster designs.

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14.05.13 by Jeff

Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike
Works by Fumi Koike.

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08.05.13 by Jeff

Paul X. Johnson

Illustrations by Paul X. Johnson.

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02.05.13 by Jeff

Rachel Levit

Illustrator Rachel Levit
“Plants”, drawings by Rachel Levit. Brooklyn, New York.

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30.04.13 by Jeff

Charlotte Dumortier

Illustrator Charlotte Dumortier
Drawings by Charlotte Dumortier. Antwerp, Belgium.

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