09.09.11 by Jeff

Josh Cochran

Drawings and silkscreens on found paper, by Josh Cochran.

Illustrator Josh Cochran illustration
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02.09.11 by Jeff

Riikka Sormunen

Some more lovely work from Riikka Sormunen. Finland.

Illustrator RIIKKA SORMUNEN illustration
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01.09.11 by Jeff

Tom Edwards

Illustrations by Tom Edwards.

Illustrator Tom Edwards illustration
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31.08.11 by Jeff

Tim Lahan

Drawings by Tim Lahan.

Illustrator Tim Lahan illustration
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31.08.11 by Jeff

Gary Taxali

New works by Gary Taxali for the “Made In Polaroid” exhibit.

Artist illustrator Gary Taxali illustration
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30.08.11 by Jeff

Timothy Hunt

Illustrations by Timothy Hunt.

Illustrator Timothy Hunt illustration
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29.08.11 by Jeff

Russell Weekes

Drawings by Russell Weekes. Love this crossword especially!

Illustrator director Russell Weekes
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24.08.11 by Jeff

Angie Wang

Some recent drawings by Angie Wang.

Illustrator Angie Wang illustration
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