13.03.12 by Jeff

Dadu Shin

Fashion illustrations by Dadu Shin
Fashion illustrations by Dadu Shin.

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06.03.12 by Jeff

Stevie Gee

Artist illustrator Stevie Gee
Illustrations by Stevie Gee.

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02.03.12 by Jeff

Maarten Donders

Artist illustrator Maarten Donders
Drawings by Maarten Donders.

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20.02.12 by Jeff

Antonio Ladrillo

Illustrator Antonio Ladrillo
Illustrations by Antonio Ladrillo.

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13.02.12 by Jeff

Kevin Poveda

Illustrator Kevin Poveda

Hand-drawn type by Kevin Poveda.

10.02.12 by Jeff

Rose Blake

Artist Illustrator Rose Blake
Drawings by Rose Blake.

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25.01.12 by Jeff

Synesthesia: Tom Edwards writes a letter to Panda Bear

Our Synesthesia project with Yours Truly is under way! I’ll be posting letters written by musicians to visual artists who’ve inspired them, and YT will be posting letters from visual artists to musicians (confused?). It will all make more sense if you check out a letter from illustrator Tom Edwards to Panda Bear, here.

Synesthesia: Illustrator Tom Edwards

25.01.12 by Jeff

Laura Bifano

Illustrator Laura Bifano illustration
Works by Laura Bifano. Victoria, BC.

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