27.06.11 by Jeff

Kristina Collantes

Illustrations by Kristina Collantes.

Artist illustrator Kristina Collantes illustration
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17.06.11 by Jeff

Andrea Wan / Interview

Say hello to Andrea Wan! She is one of the four Canadian artists who created work for our “Afterlife” project with Poketo.





Booooooom x Poketo Afterlife Series Interview with artist Andrea Wan

Hello Andrea, where are you right now?

I’m sitting in front of my glowing rectangle at my semi-messy desk.

You and I both got our degrees studying film at Emily Carr and I’m doing nothing film related at the moment, do you have plans to make a film? Maybe an animation?

I don’t have plans to make a film at the moment but I’m open to working with all kinds of mediums and projects. I have a lot of respect for filmmakers, because I understand how difficult and time consuming it can be. Making another animated film would be fun, but it would be even nicer if I have someone to help me on the actual animation part!

I loved that animation you made in school! I guess I asked because when I look at your drawings now I like to imagine what sounds would accompany them.

I’ve never heard anyone say that about my drawings before but that’s an interesting way to look at it! I think if my characters have sounds they’d whisper… with their voices overpowered by the sound of the landscapes.

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17.06.11 by Jeff

Paul X. Johnson

Illustrations by Paul X. Johnson.

Illustrator Paul X Johnson illustrations
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16.06.11 by Jeff

Josephin Ritschel

Drawings by Josephin Ritschel. Berlin, Germany.

Illustrator Josephin Ritschel
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12.06.11 by Jeff

Benedikt Rugar

Drawings by Benedikt Rugar.

drawings by illustrator Benedikt Rugar
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10.06.11 by Jeff

Matthew Woodson

Drawings by Matthew Woodson.

Illustrator Matthew Woodson illustration
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08.06.11 by Jeff

Evgenia Barinova

Works by Evgenia Barinova.

Artist illustrator Eugenia Barinova illustration
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08.06.11 by Jeff

Sabine Timm

Drawings and works made from found objects by Sabine Timm.

Artist Sabine Timm illustrator
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