15.11.13 by Jeff

Courtney Rose

Artist illustrator Courtney Rose

Some drawings by Courtney Rose. Brooklyn. More below!

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13.11.13 by Jeff

Gel Jamlang

Illustrator Gel Jamlang

Watercolour works by illustrator Gel Jamlang. Submitted via the Booooooom Tumblr. More below!

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05.11.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Bagger43

Instagram Takeover: Bagger43

This week our @Booooooom Instagram is being taken over by San Francisco-based illustrator Dennis Brown aka Bagger43. I’ve followed his work for several years now, his GUTSONPAPER book from 2005 is something I still look at from time to time.

The ink sketchbook drawings he’s posted lately have made him one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram. Please give a warm welcome to him as he posts inspiration for you over the next week.




28.10.13 by Jeff

Sister Arrow

Sister Arrow

Paintings and prints by Sister Arrow. See more below!

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24.10.13 by Jeff

Simon Prades

Illustrator Simon Prades

Drawings by illustrator Simon Prades. See more below!

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21.10.13 by Jeff

Joel Benjamin

Illustrator Joel Benjamin

Portraits of skaters by illustrator Joel Benjamin. Another great submission amongst hundreds of others over here. Can you name them all? See more below!

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17.10.13 by Jeff

Riikka Sormunen

artist illustrator Riikka Sormunen

Works by illustrator Riikka Sormunen. Finland. More below!

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07.10.13 by Staff

Gaby D’Alessandro

illustrations by Gaby D'Alessandro
Charming illustrations by Gaby D’Alessandro. See more below!

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