06.07.09 by Jeff

Jenny Kim

Illustrations by Jenny Kim. Vancouver.

jenny kim vancouver illustration illustrator
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03.07.09 by Jeff

Ray Fenwick

Drawings by Ray Fenwick. Halifax, Nova Scotia. I really like the drawings of the friendship bracelets.

ray fenwick friendship bracelet drawing illustration illustrator letter
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01.07.09 by Jeff

Matthew The Horse

Illustrations by Matthew The Horse.

matthew the horse illustrator illustration
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29.06.09 by Jeff

Richard Hogg

Illustrations by Richard Hogg.

richard hogg illustrator illustration graphic artist
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26.06.09 by Jeff

Jörn Kaspuhl

Illustrations by Jörn Kaspuhl. Hamburg, Germany.

jorn kaspuhl illustration illustrator drawing
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22.06.09 by Jeff

Esra Roise

Illustrations by Esra Røise. Oslo, Norway.

esra roise illustration illustrator oslo norway norwegian
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15.06.09 by Jeff

Fernando Vicente

Illustrations by Fernando Vicente.

fernando vicente illustrator illustration vanitas
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12.06.09 by Jeff

Dhear One

Paintings by Dhear One. Mexico.

dhear one illustrator illustration drawing painting
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