21.07.09 by Jeff

Carsten Oliver Bieräugel

Drawings by Carsten Oliver Bieräugel.

Carsten Oliver Bieräugel illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Siri Hol

The Faces Series, by Siri Hol. Netherlands. Love these!

siri hol drawing painting illustration illustrator
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Andrew Clark

Illustrations by Andrew Clark. London.

andrew clark illustrator illustration
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16.07.09 by Jeff

Shigeru Ito

Drawings by Shigeru Ito, a Japanese artist living in Bangkok, Thailand. They’d fit nicely in a Miyazaki film, no?

shigeru ito drawing japanese artist
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09.07.09 by Jeff

Matt Hendon

Some sketches by illustrator, Matt Hendon. Long Beach.

matt hendon illustrator illustration drawing sketch book
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07.07.09 by Jeff

James Jirat Patradoon

Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon.

james jirat patradoon illustration illustrator comic book drawing
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06.07.09 by Jeff

Jenny Kim

Illustrations by Jenny Kim. Vancouver.

jenny kim vancouver illustration illustrator
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03.07.09 by Jeff

Ray Fenwick

Drawings by Ray Fenwick. Halifax, Nova Scotia. I really like the drawings of the friendship bracelets.

ray fenwick friendship bracelet drawing illustration illustrator letter
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