06.09.09 by Jeff

Erkut Terliksiz

Paintings by Erkut Terliksiz. Istanbul.

erkut terliksiz istanbul turkey artist painter illustrator
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02.09.09 by Jeff

Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer just sent me over some beautiful prints! You can jump over here if you’d like some too. I love you Hannah.

hannah stouffer illustrator illustration grand array love print
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31.08.09 by Jeff

Rubens LP

Illustrations by Rubens LP. Brazil.

rubens lp illustrator illustration brasil sao paulo
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28.08.09 by Jeff

Daniel Park

Illustrations by Dan Park.

illustration illustrator daniel dan park
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26.08.09 by Jeff

Justin Gabbard

A series of portraits based on anonymous on-line confessionals by New York-based illustrator, Justin Gabbard.

secret series justin gabbard illustrator illustration
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25.08.09 by Jeff

Steven Burke

Illustrations by Steven Burke. France.

steven burke illustrator illustration bordeaux france
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21.08.09 by Jeff

Sam Coldy

I posted about photographer Sam Coldy awhile ago, after seeing his work in our Booooooom Flickr Pool. What I didn’t realise was that he’s also a great illustrator/designer as well!

sam coldy illustrator illustration design designer photographer
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19.08.09 by Jeff

Julie Morstad

Drawings by Julie Morstad. Vancouver.

julie morstad vancouver illustrator illustration drawing
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