19.10.09 by Jeff

Rafael Grampá

Drawings by Rafael Grampá.

rafael grampa comic book artist illustration
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15.10.09 by Jeff

Mike Bertino

New work from Mike Bertino. Glad to hear you’re out of the hospital and back on your feet, Mike!

mike bertino illustration illustrator drawing
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14.10.09 by Jeff

Sam Green

Drawings by Sam Green.

sam green illustration illustrator drawing
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01.10.09 by Jeff

Garry Milne

Illustrations by Garry Milne for Fabric Live.

garry milne illustrator illustration
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30.09.09 by Jeff

Jasper Wong

Illustrations by Jasper Wong. I hung out with him in Hawaii last month, and the guy is as humble as they come.

jasper wong artist drawing illustrator illustration
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29.09.09 by Jeff

Julian Callos

Illustrations by Julian Callos. Los Angeles.

julian callos illustrator illustration
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25.09.09 by Jeff

Nimit Malavia

Drawings by Nimit Malavia. Toronto.

nimit malavia drawing illustration illustrator
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23.09.09 by Jeff

Irena Zablotska

Illustrations by Irena Zablotska. Lviv, Ukraine.

irena zablotska illustrator illustration drawing ukraine
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