15.06.09 by Jeff

Fernando Vicente

Illustrations by Fernando Vicente.

fernando vicente illustrator illustration vanitas
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12.06.09 by Jeff

Dhear One

Paintings by Dhear One. Mexico.

dhear one illustrator illustration drawing painting
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11.06.09 by Jeff

Scott Barry aka Sacred Mtn.

Illustrations and other things by Scott Barry. San Fran.

scott barry, san fran, sacred mtn, illustrator, illustration, design, graphic
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10.06.09 by Jeff

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Illustrations by Julia Sonmi Heglund.

julia sonmi heglund illustrator illustration
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09.06.09 by Jeff

Richard Colman

Illustrations by Richard Colman. Especially love this one.

richard colman illustrator drawing illustration
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Mike Bertino

Illustrations by Mike Bertino.

mike bertino drawing illustration illustrator
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy

Drawings by Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy. London. Keep your eye on her, she was just awarded the D&ad Best New Blood Award, and had a show at the newly opened Gallery Seven in London’s West End.

louise zergaeng pomeroy illustrator illustration D&Ad Best New Blood I Married a Toyboy Convict
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Brandi Strickland

Awesome mixed media illustrations by Brandi Strickland.

brandi strickland mixed media collage illustrator illustration
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