05.04.10 by Jeff

Julien Berthier

Balcon Additionnel, by Julien Berthier.

Artist Julien Berthier sculpture
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22.03.10 by Jeff

Adriane Colburn

Cut paper works by Adriane Colburn. San Francisco, California.

adriane colburn artist paper cut installation
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11.12.09 by Jeff

Michael Johansson

Sculptures by artist Michael Johansson.

michael johansson artist sculpture installation objects
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23.11.09 by Jeff

Martin Creed

Installation by Martin Creed on the Wing Sang building here in Vancouver (Chinatown). “Everything Is Going To Be Alright”.

martin creed art installation bob rennie chinatown vancouver

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23.10.09 by Jeff

Timothy Nolan

Drawings (some with tape, like this first one) by Timothy Nolan.

timothy nolan artist drawing installation
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20.08.09 by Jeff

Taylor McKimens

Installations by Taylor McKimens. Brooklyn.

taylor mckimens new york artist drawing
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17.07.09 by Jeff


Anansi/Arachne by Jessica Ginsberg and Zebadiah Keneally.

Anansi Arachne by Jessica Ginsberg and Zebadiah Keneally
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07.07.09 by Jeff

Claire Morgan

Beautiful hanging installations by Claire Morgan. A crow falling through a plane of strawberries? Yes, please.

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon
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