05.05.11 by Jeff

Eiji Watanabe

“Butterfly’s Eye View”, images cut from field guides by Eiji Watanabe.

Butterfly’s Eye View by Eiji Watanabe installation cut paper
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04.05.11 by Jeff

Tomoko Konoike

Works by Tomoko Konoike. Tokyo, Japan.

Artist Tomoko Konoike
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06.04.11 by Jeff

Bart Batchelor

Loving this project “Everything in My House that is Orange, Metal, Wood, or in a Container” by Bart Batchelor.

artist bart batchelor sculpture installation
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28.02.11 by Jeff

Justin Shull

“Terrestrial Shrub Rover” by Justin Shull.

justin shull projects

Watch the video below!

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23.02.11 by Jeff

Alicja Kwade

1,000 champagne bottles, pulverized. Installations by Alicja Kwade.

artist alicja kwade installations sculptures
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19.01.11 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Yang Yongliang

cigarette ash landscape sculpture photography installation by yang yongliang

“Cigarette Ash Landscape” an incredible installation by Yang Yongliang. Black and white photographs were cut out and collaged together to create the image of a cigarette dropping ashes into a field of flowers.
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23.12.10 by Jeff

Andre Wakko

“Unterwasser”, an installation by designer Andre Wakko that uses magnets and ferro fluid to generate sound.

unterwasser magnetic installation by artist andre wakko

Watch the video below!

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14.12.10 by Jeff

Paul Destieu

“My Favourite Landscape”, an installation of 500 prints by artist Paul Destieu, recreating a common Windows error.

windows xp bug paul destieu artist installation
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02.12.10 by Jeff

Gabriel Dawe

Amazing installations by Gabriel Dawe. Thread, nails, wood.

thread artworks by artist gabriel dawe
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