01.08.12 by Jeff

Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto
More incredible installations made of salt, by Motoi Yamamoto. More images and process videos below!

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30.07.12 by Jeff

Alex Chinneck

Sculptures and installations by artist Alex Chinneck
Self Employed (2011)
London brick, smoking chimney pot, steel, mortar, air system

Sculptures and installations by Alex Chinneck. Inspiration overload!

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17.05.12 by Jeff

Jacob Hashimoto

Artist Jacob Hashimoto
Installations by Jacob Hashimoto.

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09.05.12 by Jeff

Carlie Trosclair

Artist Carlie Trosclair
Installations by Carlie Trosclair.

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19.12.11 by Jeff

Paola Pivi

Artist Paola Pivi
Works by Paola Pivi.

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02.12.11 by Jeff

Nicholas Galanin

Sculptures and installations by Nicholas Galanin.

Artist Nicholas Galanin

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01.11.11 by Jeff

Katie Bell

Installations by Katie Bell.

installations by artist katie bell
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13.10.11 by Jeff

Danny Vermette

Who do you call when you want giant zombie sculptures of Biggie and Tupac for your dead rapper Halloween bash? Danny Vermette, that’s who.

Danny Vermette Vancouver based installation artist

Watch the video below!

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03.08.11 by Jeff

Maurizio Cattelan

Various works by Maurizio Cattelan.

Artist Maurizio Cattelan sculptures installations
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