17.03.11 by Jeff

Urs Fischer

Sculptures and installations by Urs Fischer.

artist sculptures urs fischer
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24.02.11 by Jeff

Clemens Behr

Various works by Clemens Behr.

Artist Clemens Behr
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07.01.11 by Jeff

Sonja Vordermaier

Sculptures by Sonja Vordermaier. Hamburg, Germany.

artist sculptures sonja vordermaier
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17.12.10 by Jeff

Beili Liu

Hand-coiled thread installations by Beili Liu.

artist beili liu installations hand coiled thread
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15.12.10 by Jeff

Rebecca Ward

Tape art by Rebecca Ward. Brooklyn, New York.

tape art installations artist rebecca ward
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26.10.10 by Jeff

Yochai Matos

Light installations by Yochai Matos. Tel Aviv, Israel.

light installations by artist yochai matos
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23.08.10 by Jeff

Leandro Erlich

Sculptures by Leandro Erlich.

artist leandro erlich sculpture
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11.06.10 by Jeff

Andy Vogt

Sculptures and installations by Andy Vogt.

artist andy vogt
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