26.04.13 by Jeff

Yué Wu

Yué Wu video profile
Crane.tv just posted a video profile on my good friend Yué Wu. I love that they refer to him as “The Parisian Jacques-of-all-trades”. Watch below!

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16.04.13 by Jeff

“The Simpsons” Writers Reunion / Conan O’Brien

the simpsons writers reunion conan obrien
For all fans of The Simpsons this is required veiwing! Conan O’Brien reunites with his writing buddies for an 80-minute discussion about the early days of the iconic show. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

Watch here.

10.04.13 by Jeff

“In Residence” / Marc Newson

Designer Marc Newson
Nowness profiles designer Marc Newson as part of their “In Residence” series. Watch the interview below!

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08.04.13 by Jeff

Hootsuite Interview

jeff hamada hootsuite interview
Last week some really friendly folks from Hootsuite came over and interviewed me for their blog (thanks Sam, thanks Brian).

I read somewhere they’re aiming to be the first billion dollar company to stay in Vancouver. Kinda wild! One of their clients is the White House. If you’re bored you can read it, here.

22.03.13 by Jeff

Li Hongbo / Flexible Paper Sculptures [Video]

Li Hongbo / Out Of Paper
When I originally posted Li Hongbo’s incredible flexible paper sculptures (see here) I couldn’t figure out how the heck he was creating them. Now, thanks to this video, I know! Incredible stuff. Watch below!

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19.03.13 by Jeff

Jessica Hische Interview

Jessica Hische Interview
An interview with letterer Jessica Hische (I always have to mention she’s the one who designed the Moonrise Kingdom type because I love it so much) by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. Watch below!

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18.03.13 by Jeff

NYCHOS / Rabbiteye Movement

Nychos / Rabbiteye Movement
Here’s a studio visit with one of the most talented artists I know, Nychos. Watch the video interview below!

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11.03.13 by Jeff

Kelsey Brookes Interview

Kelsey Brookes Interview
A beautifully shot interview with artist Kelsey Brookes by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. Watch below!

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