03.06.13 by Staff

Takashi Murakami Interview

Takashi Murakami Exclusive Interview from The Creators Project
Takashi Murakami, the artist behind the superflat movement, shares about his creative process and his first live-action feature film, Jellyfish Eyes. Watch the interview below!

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21.05.13 by Jeff

“In Residence” / Claudio Silvestrin

Claudio Silvestrin
Nowness continues their “In Residence” series with a profile of architect Claudio Silvestrin, whose clients include Kanye West and Giorgio Armani. Watch the interview below!

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21.05.13 by Jeff

“Handstyle History Lesson”

Mike Giant Handstyle History Lesson
Mike Giant talks about his style, watch below!

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01.05.13 by Jeff

Jasper Wong

Artist Jasper Wong video profile
The Avant/Garde Diaries has just released a video profile featuring my good friend Jasper Wong. He’s doing so much more than is shown in the video but nonetheless I’m happy to see him featured. Watch below!

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29.04.13 by Jeff

Marshmallow Laser Feast / Video Profile

Marshmallow Laser Feast / Video Profile
The Creators Project has posted a great profile on interactive design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast. Designers Memo Akten, Robin McNicholas, and Barney Steel talk about their latest work “Laser Forest”.

This video was my source for the real-time projection mapping spots in the previous post. Watch the video profile below!

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26.04.13 by Jeff

Yué Wu

Yué Wu video profile
Crane.tv just posted a video profile on my good friend Yué Wu. I love that they refer to him as “The Parisian Jacques-of-all-trades”. Watch below!

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16.04.13 by Jeff

“The Simpsons” Writers Reunion / Conan O’Brien

the simpsons writers reunion conan obrien
For all fans of The Simpsons this is required veiwing! Conan O’Brien reunites with his writing buddies for an 80-minute discussion about the early days of the iconic show. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

Watch here.

10.04.13 by Jeff

“In Residence” / Marc Newson

Designer Marc Newson
Nowness profiles designer Marc Newson as part of their “In Residence” series. Watch the interview below!

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