15.10.14 by Jeff

Sculptures Made of Thousands of Ceramic Shards by Artist Zemer Peled




Israeli artist Zemer Peled creates beautiful organic forms out of porcelain shards and clay. See more below.

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28.01.13 by Jeff

Lithe Clock

Lithe Clock
Love this clock by Studio Ve, in Tel Aviv. The minute hand is nearly a yard long! The Kickstarter quickly reached its goal and it looks like they’re going to easily double or triple the amount. Watch their little video below!

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07.09.12 by Jeff

Construction Waste by Noga Berman

Construction Waste rings by Noga Berman

“Construction Waste”, a collection of rings by Noga Berman. The rings are made from pieces of ceramic found in construction yards around Israel.


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06.07.12 by Jeff

Neta Dror

Photographer Neta Dror
Photos by Neta Dror. Jerusalem.

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13.04.12 by Jeff

Miniature handmade sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron

Handmade miniature sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron
Miniature handmade sculptures made of clay, by Shay Aaron. Tel Aviv.

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09.01.12 by Jeff


artist raul oprea aka saddo jdero
“Jonah”, a beautiful collaborative painting by Raul Oprea (SADDO) and his girlfriend, AITCH. I was lucky to see this piece in person, it’s right beside the Holon Design Museum, in Israel.

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14.12.11 by Jeff

Idan Friedman

Sculptures by artist designer Idan Friedman
“Ordinary people and disposable objects”, sculptures by Idan Friedman.

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14.12.11 by Jeff

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

preston scott cohen tel aviv museum of art
On our last day in Israel we had a tour of the newly opened Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It was designed by architecture firm Preston Scott Cohen, and it is astonishing.

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