19.09.14 by Jeff

Ice Cream Cone Workshops by Studio Fludd


“Gelatology” is a fun series of workshops by Studio Fludd in which a participant is given three randomly chosen adjectives and they create a personal ice cream cone based on them. If you would like to organize a “Gelatology” workshop in your city you can email Studio Fludd. More cones below!

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11.07.14 by Jeff

Jasmine Deporta


“Sofasafari”, photos by Jasmine Deporta. Bolzano, Italy. More below.

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02.07.14 by Jeff

Roberto Gramostini


Photos by Roberto Gramostini. Gallarate, Italy. More below.

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07.04.14 by Jeff

Murals in Italy, by Blu


Love these recent murals by Blu, on the streets of Italy. This first one especially! More images below.

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10.10.12 by Jeff

Thread art by Gabriel Dawe

Thread art by Gabriel Dawe
“Plexus no. 19″, an installation made of thread for Miniartextil in Italy, by artist Gabriel Dawe.

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09.09.10 by Jeff

Luca Barcellona

Gorgeous calligraphy by Luca Barcellona. I had to hold my breath as I watched this footage. I could watch videos like this all day.

legacy of letters calligraphy by luca barcellona

Watch the video below!

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09.10.09 by Jeff

Marco Trinchillo

Photos by Marco Trinchillo. Cervia, Italy.

marco trinchillo italy photographer photography
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13.08.09 by Jeff

Luca Dinosaur Campri

Photos by Luca Campri. Italy.

luca dinosaur campri photographer photography
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