02.11.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: James Nizam


A selection of images from Vancouver-based photographer James Nizam’s latest exhibition. In “Ascensions of Time” Nizam continues to explore the passage of time through long exposures. Light sources are redirected and manipulated into precise shapes, made visible through the photographic process. Click here for previous posts. More images below.

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15.03.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: James Nizam


Railing (Illuminations Series), 2015

A selection of images from “Vestiges of Memory” by Vancouver-based photographer James Nizam. Structural fixtures are meticulously covered in Scotchlite reflective material and photographed at night.

When I saw the series in person (really large) at Gallery Jones there was a beautiful almost magic-like quality to them. As with much of Nizam’s work this series examines time and place through a series of experiments that feel extremely personal. More images below.

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24.06.13 by Staff

James Nizam

photographs by james nizam
Two Triangles, 2013

Gorgeous site-specific installations by one of my favourite artists, Vancouver’s James Nizam. The last time I featured his work it went on to be one of the most popular posts of 2012. See more of his work below!

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28.12.12 by Jeff

Top 15 Posts on Booooooom in 2012

A lot of my favourite blogs are ending 2012 by rounding up their most popular posts from the entire year, so why not do it here too! Here are 15 of the most popular posts from Booooooom this year!

The Invisible Bike Helmet by Anna Haupt, Terese Alstin

1. “The Invisible Bike Helmet” by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin


Artist Berndnaut Smilde makes real clouds inside gallery

2. Berndnaut Smilde makes real clouds appear inside gallery!


4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting by Jeff Harris

3. 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting by Jeff Harris


Sandwich Artist by Brittany Powell

4. Sandwich Artist – Brittany Powell


Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

5. Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera


Maddie The Coonhound new favourite tumblr

6. Maddie The Coonhound


Handmade miniature sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron

7. Miniature handmade sculptures by Shay Aaron


Salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto

8. Intricate salt installations by artist Motoi Yamamoto


slamdance 2012 winner Solipsist experimental short film by Andrew Thomas Huang

9. “Solipsist” by Andrew Thomas Huang 


The Obliteration Room by artist Yayoi Kusama

10. “The Obliteration Room” by Yayoi Kusama


Trace Heavens light installations by artist James Nizam

11. “Trace Heavens” – photos by James Nizam


Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers

12. Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers!


The Eagleman Stag stop-motion animation by Mikey Please

13. “The Eagleman Stag” – stop motion by Mikey Please


Smoking Kids portraits by photographer Frieke Janssens

14. “Smoking Kids” – photos by Frieke Janssens


The Girl With 7 Horses photos by Ulrika Kestere

15. “The Girl with 7 Horses” by Ulrika Kestere

07.05.12 by Jeff

Trace Heavens / Light installations by artist James Nizam

Trace Heavens light installations by artist James Nizam
Shard of Light, 2011

“Trace Heavens” is a series of gorgeous light installations by James Nizam. Even though he is a friend of mine I feel I am being completely unbiased when I say these are some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever posted on Booooooom. To create these images James painstakingly made incisions into the structure of a house to capture and manipulate sunlight into light sculptures.

See more below!

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24.12.10 by Jeff

75 photos by 75 photographers

It is a little overwhelming for me to look at how much this place has grown in the last 12 months. Our monthly traffic now tops 3.2 million pageviews with visitors coming from more than 200 different countries. More than 27,000 of you follow Booooooom on Twitter, and our Facebook family has grown to nearly 42,000!

So I want to thank all of you! It was your support for the site that allowed me to bring our Small Victories show to Hong Kong and then follow it up with another show here in Vancouver! It was also your incredible submissions to our Little Drifters project that spread all over the internet like dandelion seeds, inspiring people as far away as Armenia to launch similar projects. The kind of community we have here is rare, I don’t see it on any other site. Thanks for spending so much time around here, commenting on articles, getting involved in projects, sharing links on Twitter, and interacting with each other on Facebook! I feel really blessed to call this a job.

This next year I’ll be doing my best to continue cultivating a community of creative people (and aliteration). I will continue hunting and gathering art but I also have a few things planned that are bigger than anything I’ve attempted so far. So I’m a little anxious. It’s good to be anxious I think! I hope my successes this year outnumber my failures, but if I don’t fail a bunch in 2011 it will mean I didn’t try hard enough.

Last year I posted 64 photos by 64 photographers.

This year I’ve collected 75 photos by 75 photographers that I came across in 2010. These photos weren’t necessarily produced this year, I simply encountered them for the first time in the last 12 months.

I’m gonna take a week off and spend Christmas holidays with my family. I’ll be back at it first week of January!

Happy New Year you guys! Enjoy the photos!

75 photos by 75 photographers

(found in 2010)

Photographer Margareth Doorduin
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12.02.10 by Jeff

Babe Rainbow

Vancouver’s Babe Rainbow (Cameron Reed) just released his debut on WARP Records, and Salazar shot this haunting little video for it. Not sure about the ending, but the mood is great.

babe rainbow shaved warp records cameron reed vancouver music video

Another cool little Vancouver connection, the cover art for the EP is a photo by James Nizam! Watch the video below!

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10.02.10 by Jeff

James Nizam

Memorandoms is a beautiful photo series by artist James Nizam, documenting ephemeral sculptures he constructed inside an old public housing development. Nizam’s show is up at Gallery Jones here in Vancouver (1725 West Third Ave) until Feb 27th. Go see it.

james nizam artist photographer photography ephemeral sculptures
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