07.04.11 by Jeff

Koki Tanaka

Yesterday I asked our readers (on Facebook) about a video that I’d seen of someone doing a whole bunch of mundane things like putting a glove onto a street post and throwing a mattress down some stairs. It was a long shot but I was hoping someone would know what I was talking about despite my vague description. Incredibly, it took less than 3 minutes to track down the video (thanks to Fredrik Berglund). So here is that video as well as a few other brilliant works by artist Koki Tanaka.

video artist koki tanaka

View the videos below!

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03.08.10 by Jeff

David Takashi Favrod

“Gaijin”, a photo series by David Favrod, re-creating his childhood memories of Japan (in Switzerland).

David Takashi Favrod photographer photography
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01.06.10 by Jeff

Hong Kong + Japan

I just developed seven rolls of film from my trip! I’m updating my Flickr with some images but I thought I’d also share a few here!

jeff hamada 35mm photography photographs japan hong kong
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27.05.10 by Jeff


A few random photos from this last week in Tokyo.

japan booooooom tokyo photos trip
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08.03.10 by Jeff

Satomi Shirai

Photos by Satomi Shirai.

satomi shirai photographer photography
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05.02.10 by Jeff

Juka Araikawa

Paintings by Juka Araikawa. Yokohama, Japan.

juka araikawa japan artist painter painting
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10.08.09 by Jeff

Ryuta Abe

Photos by Ryuta Abe. Japan.

ryuta abe photographer photography japan
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05.08.09 by Jeff

Mutsumi Makino

Photos by Mutsumi Makino. Japan.

Mutsumi Makino photography photographer japan aurora print flickr
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