16.01.12 by Jeff

One Week In Japan

One Week In Japan by Mike Matas
“One Week In Japan”, a 3-minute montage of nearly 4,000 photos shot by Mike Matas and his girlfriend as they travelled around Japan.

Watch the video below!

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05.01.12 by Jeff

Mariko Sakaguchi

Photographer Mariko Sakaguchi
A brilliant self-portrait series by Mariko Sakaguchi. Japan.

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05.01.12 by Jeff

Hiroshi Takizawa

Photographer Hiroshi Takizawa
Photos by Hiroshi Takizawa. Japan.

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07.11.11 by Jeff

Senseless Drawing Bot

“Senseless Drawing Bot” created by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi.

Senseless Drawing Bot by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi

Watch the video below!

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11.05.11 by Jeff

Itsuko Suzuki

Itsuko Suzuki loves dogs. Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Illustrator Itsuko Suzuki illustration
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09.05.11 by Jeff

Masaya Chiba

Paintings by Masaya Chiba. Kanagawa, Japan.

Artist painter Masaya Chiba paintings
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05.05.11 by Jeff

Eiji Watanabe

“Butterfly’s Eye View”, images cut from field guides by Eiji Watanabe.

Butterfly’s Eye View by Eiji Watanabe installation cut paper
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04.05.11 by Jeff

Tomoko Konoike

Works by Tomoko Konoike. Tokyo, Japan.

Artist Tomoko Konoike
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