22.04.14 by Jeff

John Sypal


Street photos by John Sypal, the photographer behind Tokyo Camera Style.

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28.01.14 by Jeff

“Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop” by Caleb Wood


Love this surreal short animation by Caleb Wood. Some of the sound here oddly sorta reminds me of Yojimbo (one of my favourite film scores).  Watch below.

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19.12.13 by Jeff

Gou Miyagi’s Video Part in Heroin Skateboards “Video Nasty” Has No Ollies In It.



Gou Miyagi’s part in Heroin’s “Video Nasty” is the best video part I’ve seen in years. Gou (pronounced “Go”) wanted to shoot it all in his hometown, Okinawa, Japan, and do his entire part without any ollies. There were parts of this where I actually laughed out loud, it’s so creative.

I posted Gou Miyagi’s part in “Overground Broadcasting” back in 2008, so you can see he’s been on a different wavelength for years.

Watch his fantastic video part below!

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Digital paintings by Hi


Incredible digital paintings by Japanese artist, 非 (Hi). See lots more below.

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21.11.13 by Jeff


Drawings by Japanese artist Ozabu

Drawings by Japanese artist Ozabu. She doesn’t have a website yet but emailed me some beautiful images. You can follow her on Instagram @ozabu. See more below!

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25.09.13 by Jeff

Noritaka Minami

Photographer Noritaka Minami

“1972”, photos of the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, by Noritaka Minami. The building was designed by Kisho Kurokawa with interchangeable capsules so that the structure could be continually updated. But that was not the case, none of the “futuristic” units were ever replaced, and the building slowly deteriorated. Minami shot this series in 2011 as plans were announced to demolish the building.

More images below!

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06.08.13 by Jeff

Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photos by Osamu Yokonami, Japan. Fantastic work here, I’d love to have enormous prints of several of these. I’ve included roughly a million more images below, enjoy.

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24.06.13 by Staff

“Hyper Drive”

hyper drive
This video instantly reminded me of this video, (maybe a bit too much) but it’s a pretty basic idea – mirror effect on a train ride through Japan. In any case it’s really enjoyable to look at. Watch “Hyper Drive” below!

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