03.08.10 by Jeff

David Takashi Favrod

“Gaijin”, a photo series by David Favrod, re-creating his childhood memories of Japan (in Switzerland).

David Takashi Favrod photographer photography
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01.06.10 by Jeff

Hong Kong + Japan

I just developed seven rolls of film from my trip! I’m updating my Flickr with some images but I thought I’d also share a few here!

jeff hamada 35mm photography photographs japan hong kong
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27.05.10 by Jeff


A few random photos from this last week in Tokyo.

japan booooooom tokyo photos trip
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08.03.10 by Jeff

Satomi Shirai

Photos by Satomi Shirai.

satomi shirai photographer photography
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05.02.10 by Jeff

Juka Araikawa

Paintings by Juka Araikawa. Yokohama, Japan.

juka araikawa japan artist painter painting
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10.08.09 by Jeff

Ryuta Abe

Photos by Ryuta Abe. Japan.

ryuta abe photographer photography japan
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05.08.09 by Jeff

Mutsumi Makino

Photos by Mutsumi Makino. Japan.

Mutsumi Makino photography photographer japan aurora print flickr
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06.07.09 by Jeff

Graniph x CSS

Graniph just sent me over the new CSS remix album (Japan Only), Donkey Party: Bate Cabelo – and the cover art was drawn by CSS vocalist, Lovefoxxx herself! Pretty rad!

graniph css music japan brazil disco punk lovefoxxx donkey party bate cabelo

Keep an eye out for her tee for Graniph coming out this month! They also sent me a beautiful Miles Davis tee from their upcoming jazz series. I love the illustration!

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