20.03.14 by Jeff

Animation: “Trifling Habits” by Sarina Nihei


This short by Royal College of Art student, Sarina Nihei, is hand-drawn animation perfection. The Japanese-born animator has created a masterpiece, and from what I understand it’s her first-year film?! That’s enough to make me want to put everything I made in school in a pile, and set fire to it (I was maybe going to do that this weekend anyways).

The uneasy universe of the story is brilliantly brought to life by sound designer Pat Hime. This is one of those things you watch and as you are watching it you already know it is your favourite.

Watch “Trifling Habits” below.

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22.01.14 by Jeff

Katsuya Terada


Drawings by Japanese comic artist Katsuya Terada. More below.

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13.01.14 by Jeff

Photographer Chino Otsuka Re-Inserts Herself Into Her Own Childhood


“Imagine Finding Me” is a project by photographer Chino Otsuka in which she cleverly composites herself into photos from her past. The digital manipulations here are pretty masterful, the lighting in each is near perfect. I wonder if she actually went back to these locations to shoot.

Enjoy a selection of the images below!

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23.12.13 by Jeff

Honolulu-based Artist Yumiko Glover


Paintings by Honolulu-based Japanese artist Yumiko Glover.

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Digital paintings by Hi


Incredible digital paintings by Japanese artist, 非 (Hi). See lots more below.

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21.11.13 by Jeff


Drawings by Japanese artist Ozabu

Drawings by Japanese artist Ozabu. She doesn’t have a website yet but emailed me some beautiful images. You can follow her on Instagram @ozabu. See more below!

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06.08.13 by Jeff

Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photographer Osamu Yokonami

Photos by Osamu Yokonami, Japan. Fantastic work here, I’d love to have enormous prints of several of these. I’ve included roughly a million more images below, enjoy.

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06.03.13 by Jeff

Animations by Asami Ike

Animations by Asami Ike
Loving the style of these animations by Asami Ike! Watch a couple of them below!

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