24.05.13 by Jeff

“Upping Your Type Game”

jessica hische on type
My favourite letterer Jessica Hische just posted a fantastic article all about type. It is a must-read for anyone who has weaselled their way into a design position and hasn’t actually taken a type class (this woulda been handy when I worked at Electronic Arts).

The post includes her favourite type designers, an unbiased list of font resources, and a whole slew of things to think about when choosing typefaces.

Read it here.

19.03.13 by Jeff

Jessica Hische Interview

Jessica Hische Interview
An interview with letterer Jessica Hische (I always have to mention she’s the one who designed the Moonrise Kingdom type because I love it so much) by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. Watch below!

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09.03.12 by Jeff

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom poster
A Moonrise Kingdom poster was just revealed and it’s a beauty! Painting by Michael Gaskell, type designed by Jessica Hische.