02.06.11 by Jeff

Loop Arts Fair

Heads up UK readers! Loop Arts Fair is coming to Leeds, June 17th-19th! Illustrators and graphic designers will be transforming Marshalls Mill into working studios, print shops, publishing houses and workshops. I wish I could go to this! Here are some of the people involved:

LOOP Applied Arts Fair
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14.12.09 by Jeff

Kitsune Noir / Poster Club

Bobby over at Kitsune Noir just launched a Poster Club!

kitsune noir poster club infinite jest cody hoyt
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10.09.09 by Jeff

We Are The Friction

Sing Statistics (Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart) sent me over their new book, We Are The Friction, and if it were a woman I would propose to it. It is a perfect 10. A flawless victory. Illustrators and writers were paired and asked to produce work inspired by the work of their partner: stories from illustrations, and illustrations from stories. The result is pure magic.

sing statistics we are the friction book sing statistics
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