15.11.11 by Jeff

Klara Källström

Photos by Klara Källström. Sweden.

Photographer Klara Kallstrom

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16.03.11 by Jeff

Sraunus Vancouver

I just received news that Sraunus will be shown in North America for the first time at Drop In/Drop OutBYOB Vancouver!

Sraunus projection show

Full details below!

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20.08.09 by Jeff

Gingerbread Monument

More from my doormat… Klara Källström sent me her book, Gingerbread Monument and it is stunning! Sweden is whats up right now. Sorry about the reflections in these photos, the pages were glossy!

gingerbread monument photography book klara kallstrom sweden
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03.08.09 by Jeff

Klara Källström

Photos by Klara Källström. Sweden.

Klara Källström photography photographer sweden
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