28.02.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Yunmee Kyong

Paintings by Korean artist Yunmee Kyong. See more images from “Gods” below.

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15.11.16 by Staff

Illustrator Spotlight: Ha Gyung Lee


A selection of recent work by Korean-born illustrator Ha Gyung Lee aka NAKI (previously featured here). More images below.

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18.08.16 by Jeff

Reader Submission: Ha Gyung Lee


Terrific work by Korean-born illustrator Ha Gyung Lee aka NAKI, found via our August Reader Submissions. More images below.

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26.06.16 by Staff

Gold-Fused Sculptures Made From Remnants of Shattered Porcelain


According to Korean tradition, artisans have a habit of destroying and discarding imperfect pieces. Since 2001 Korean artist Yeesookyung has taken these porcelain fragments, creating beautiful, imperfect sculptures by fusing them with gold leaf in the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. See more images from “Translated Vase” below.

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07.04.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Paige Jiyoung Moon


Korean artist Paige Jiyoung Moon studied illustration at Art Center College of Design in  Pasadena, California where she still lives and works. Click here for our previous post and see more images below!

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01.04.16 by Staff

A Meditation on Hysteria by Korean Artist Yeom Ji-Hee


Korean artist Yeom Ji-Hee depicts states of uncontrollable emotional excess (or hysteria) as opportunities for change rather than wholly debilitating experiences. More mixed media works from “From Hysteria – To The State of Drive” below.

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28.03.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Hansol Choi


Painterly photography by Seoul-based Korean photographer Hansol Choi. More images below.

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20.01.16 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Lee Jin Ju


Paintings by Korean artist Lee Jin Ju. More images below.

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