01.03.17 by Staff

“Abstracted Landscapes” by Artist Christopher Schade

Artist Christopher Schade explores the tension between visual expectation, our beliefs, and what we actually experience. See more images from his ongoing series below or on display at Rafius Fane Gallery in Boston this November.

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19.12.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Brooks Shane Salzwedel


A selection of drawings by Los Angeles-based artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel (click here for previous post). More beautiful images below.

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22.11.16 by Staff

Photographer Christoffer Relander’s Incredible Double Exposures Preserve the Landscapes of His Childhood


Photographer Christoffer Relander combines images of jars with black and white landscapes taken in the south of Finland where he was born and raised. Adding to the nostalgia factor, Relander shoots these double exposures on medium format film, manipulating the photographs in-camera rather than using Photoshop, and the results are stunning.

See more images from “Jarred & Displaced”, as well as a behind-the-scenes video by Anders Lönnfeldt, below.

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24.02.16 by Staff

Artist Fu Xiaotong Creates Detailed Landscapes Using Hundreds of Thousands of Pinpricks


These large-scale artworks by Beijing-based artist Fu Xiaotong are the result of a painstaking process involving hundreds of thousands of holes hand-poked into massive sheets of handmade paper. Each piece is titled after the number of total pinpricks, for example: 300,800 Pinpricks, 2015 (above). You can see Xiaotong’s latest work on display in “Land of Serenity” at Chambers Fine Art in New York until March 26th. More images below.

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30.10.15 by Kimi Hamada

Log Paintings by Artist Alison Moritsugu


New York-based artist Alison Moritsugu’s log paintings are so meta your head might explode. The wood used in her log series are collected from the areas depicted on the landscapes she paints on them. The salvaged logs have all also fallen naturally and contribute to a larger environmental statement about our idealized and mistaken beliefs that the wilderness will always be there. More images below!

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07.07.13 by Staff

Tristram Lansdowne

tristram lansdowne paintings
I love the way Tristram Lansdowne imagines the world! See more below!

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