08.01.14 by Jeff

Matthew Cusick


Collaged maps by artist Matthew Cusick. More below.

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03.01.14 by Jeff

Movie Maps by Illustrator Andrew Degraff


Love these maps based on popular movies, by illustrator Andrew Degraff. The first three are the Indiana Jones films, the next three are Star Wars, and I had to throw Goonies in there. See them all below.

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23.07.13 by Jeff

Incredible Map Drawings by Artist Ed Fairburn

Map portraits drawings by artist Ed Fairburn

Artist Ed Fairburn draws fantastic portraits of people, on old maps. If maps and drawings are your thing your head may explode when you see all the images below! You’ll also dig Miso’s work (here). See lots more of Fairburn’s work below!

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12.10.11 by Jeff

Matthew Cusick

Incredible collaged maps by Matthew Cusick.

Collaged maps by artist Matthew Cusick
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19.04.11 by Jeff

Louis Reith

Maps folded into mountains and drawings by Louis Reith.

artist louis reith
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22.03.11 by Jeff

Luis Dourado

“Maps”, collages by Luis Dourado.

collages by artist luis dourado
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20.01.11 by Jeff

Shannon Rankin

Works by artist Shannon Rankin. Maps, pins, glue.

map art shannon rankin mps pins glue collage installations
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09.07.10 by Jeff


WAFA Collective just sent over a little zine, “Maps”.

wafa collective maps zine
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