15.10.12 by Jeff

Michelle Blade

artist painter michelle blade
“366 Days of the Apocalypse”, Michelle Blade’s painting-a-day project is my favourite Tumblr on the entire Internet.

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03.06.11 by Jeff

Little Paper Planes

I am loving the new Little Paper Planes site and their features like “Curated Walls”. Take a peek at people’s personal art collections!

little paper planes curated walls michelle blade

23.02.10 by Jeff

Michelle Blade

Three beautiful prints by Michelle Blade just went up on LPP.

michelle blade artist painter painting little paper planes
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04.11.09 by Jeff

Michelle Blade

New print by Michelle Blade just went up on Tiny Showcase!

michelle blade artist painter painting

06.11.08 by Jeff

Michelle Blade

In an effort to feature more painters on the site here’s some paintings by Californian, Michelle Blade. I am definitely more familiar with the work of her sister, Sonya… ok bad joke. I’m digging these – the last one reminds me of that Spanish horror film The Orphanage.

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