14.07.17 by Jeff

Transformation Mask: Shawn Hunt + Microsoft Vancouver

Heiltsuk artist Shawn Hunt has collaborated with a group of developers at The Garage, Microsoft Vancouver’s maker space, to create an experiential sculpture that transforms a person into a raven. The Transformation Mask creates a mixed reality experience combining the Microsoft Hololens, mechatronics, and 300+ hours of 3D printing. When the viewer puts on the mask it physically transforms and reveals artwork created by Hunt using Google Tilt Brush. Have a look at the video below!

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19.08.14 by Jeff

“Omote” Real-Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping


Nobumichi Asai and a team of digital designers and make-up artists have created a pretty amazing piece of technology. Through the use of face tracking and projection mapping a models face can be altered in real-time! This would be incredible for live performances. Watch the video below.

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14.07.08 by Jeff

Booooooom gets a Zuuuuuuune.

The traffic on the site continues to climb, so a giant thank you to all of you who are spreading the word! Business is boooooooming! This could be why a box arrived at my doorstep the other day containing a brand-spanking new Zune. Apparently 300 bloggers across Canada are receiving these 8GB flash Zunes and Microsoft is hoping for some good old fashion word-of-mouth text-on-blog advertising. As I opened the box I said a little prayer for the Zune: “Please God, let the Zune be a decent product because I am going to be blatantly honest about it, and if it’s bad… this review could get ugly.”

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