11.01.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Melissa Loop


Beautiful series by Minneapolis-based artist Melissa Loop (previously featured here). See more images from “Fabricated Real” below.

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29.03.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Brock Davis


Selection of fun conceptual photographs by Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis (previously featured here). Banksy invited Davis to be a part of his Dismaland exhibition last year, and the image above was among the work exhibited there. Check out more of his terrific work below!

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23.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Melissa Cooke


Wonderful series of photorealistic drawings by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist Melissa Cooke. Based on photographs Cooke took of herself, the closely cropped images are an experiment in traditional portraiture and personal reflections on feeling overwhelmed in a new place. More images from Plunge below.

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05.01.10 by Jeff

Alec Soth

Photos by Alec Soth. Minnesota.

photographer photography alec soth minnesota
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