03.04.17 by Staff

“FallOut” by Artist Stanislava Pinchuk (aka Miso)

Artist Stanislava Pinchuk (aka Miso) explores the changing topography of the Nuclear Exclusion Zone in Fukushima, Japan through a series of pin-hole drawings. Inspired by fishnets she saw strewn on the ground when visiting the site, see more haunting images from “FallOut” below or in her upcoming book, which will be published by La Chambre Graphique this month!

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31.01.13 by Jeff

Pinprick drawings by Miso

Pinprick art by Artist Miso
Beautiful pinprick drawings by Miso. This first one is a map of a block in Brooklyn, hidden inside a moon. The second one is a map of Berlin hidden inside of a spider web. See below!

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28.06.12 by Jeff

Paper works by Miso

Tokyo From Memory paper works by artist Miso
I think you’ll be able to tell by the sheer number of images I’ve included here just how excited I am about Miso’s latest work. Her show “Tokyo From Memory” opens tonight in Adelaide, Australia.

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30.08.11 by Jeff


More lovely work by Miso. Melbourne, Australia.

Artist Miso Stanislava Pinchuk australia
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07.02.11 by Jeff

Everfresh + Miso

Everfresh and Miso paint the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

everfresh studio miso artist mural graffiti always wins national gallery of victoria melbourne australi

Watch the video below!

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07.04.09 by Jeff


Paintings and drawings by mixed media street artist, Miso. She is so awesome! Love those feathers, too.

miso drawing wheat paste painting street artist mixed media
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