03.07.12 by Jeff

Ribbon and textile artworks by Vadis Turner

Ribbon and textile works by artist Vadis Turner
Beautiful mixed media works by Vadis Turner, using ribbon, clothing, quilts, all sorts of textiles.

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29.05.12 by Jeff

Dave Kinsey

Artist painter Dave Kinsey
More lovely work by Dave Kinsey.

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14.12.11 by Jeff

Melissa Kretschmer

Mixed media works by artist Melissa Kretschmer
Beeswax, graphite, paper, plywood. Works by Melissa Kretschmer.

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02.11.11 by Jeff

Jane Hambleton

Mixed media drawings by Jane Hambleton.

artist jane hambleton
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28.10.11 by Jeff

Kevin Appel

Mixed media paintings by Kevin Appel.

Mixed media paintings by artist Kevin Appel
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03.10.11 by Jeff

Clark Goolsby

Mixed media works by Clark Goolsby.

Mixed media works by artist Clark Goolsby
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09.09.11 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Mixed media drawings by Alex Lukas.

Mixed media drawings by artist Alex Lukas
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25.08.11 by Jeff

Lisa Congdon

Mixed media works by Lisa Congdon.

Artist Lisa Congdon
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