02.04.10 by Jeff

Adam Friedman

Mixed media paintings by Adam Friedman.

adam friedman artist collage mixed media
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22.01.10 by Jeff

Daniel K Sparkes

Mixed media drawings by Daniel K Sparkes.

daniel k sparkes mixed media drawing artist
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21.01.10 by Jeff

Joseph Hart

Mixed media drawings by Joseph Hart. New York City.

mixed media artist joseph hart
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23.12.09 by Jeff

Matthew Craven

Mixed media drawings by Matthew Craven.

matthew one craven artist mixed media
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12.11.09 by Jeff

Kelly Allen

Gouache paintings, drawings, and collages by Kelly Allen.

kelly allen artist painter painting drawing mixed media
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08.06.09 by Jeff

Brandi Strickland

Awesome mixed media illustrations by Brandi Strickland.

brandi strickland mixed media collage illustrator illustration
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28.05.09 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Drawings by Alex Lukas. Philly.

alex lukas drawing painting mixed media gouache
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20.04.09 by Jeff

Casey Jex Smith

Drawings and paintings by Casey Jex Smith.

casey jex smith drawing painting artist
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07.04.09 by Jeff


Paintings and drawings by mixed media street artist, Miso. She is so awesome! Love those feathers, too.

miso drawing wheat paste painting street artist mixed media
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