08.06.09 by Jeff

Brandi Strickland

Awesome mixed media illustrations by Brandi Strickland.

brandi strickland mixed media collage illustrator illustration
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28.05.09 by Jeff

Alex Lukas

Drawings by Alex Lukas. Philly.

alex lukas drawing painting mixed media gouache
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20.04.09 by Jeff

Casey Jex Smith

Drawings and paintings by Casey Jex Smith.

casey jex smith drawing painting artist
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07.04.09 by Jeff


Paintings and drawings by mixed media street artist, Miso. She is so awesome! Love those feathers, too.

miso drawing wheat paste painting street artist mixed media
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06.04.09 by Jeff

David Fullarton

Mixed media drawings by David Fullarton. San Francisco. This kind of work always gets me excited to journal.

david fullarton notebook drawing mixed media painting journal
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03.04.09 by Jeff

Monica Canilao

Drawings and installations by the incredible, Monica Canilao (pictured). SF. Juxtapoz just posted 20 questions with her over here.

monica canilao art installation drawing mixed media
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24.02.09 by Jeff

Gregory Euclide

Interesting relief paintings by Gregory Euclide. I’m interested to see if people feel as strongly about this work as they did about Valerie Hegarty’s work (most discussed artist on this site), there are some similarities.

gregory euclide painting drawing mixed media relief
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19.02.09 by Jeff

Paula Wilson

There’s alot going on in these mixed media paintings by Paula Wilson. Spray paint, oils, inlayed paper, wood block prints, you name it.

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