22.01.13 by Jeff

Mural by Simple

Mural by Simple
Watch Simple as he paints a mural.

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08.01.13 by Jeff

Scott Sueme for Basecamp

Scott Sueme for Flexfit
Over the weekend, my friend Scott Sueme and I flew down to California for Agenda. He made a mural for Basecamp (a new arts initiative by Flexfit) and I had the important job of “hanging out”. Peep a bunch of process photos below!

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14.12.12 by Jeff

Daan Botlek

Artist Daan Botlek
More work from Daan Botlek. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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28.09.12 by Jeff


Murals by artist INTI
Murals by INTI.

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22.06.12 by Jeff

Ever in Baltimore

Beautiful mural by Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada aka Ever
A beautiful mural by Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada, aka Ever.

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02.02.12 by Jeff

TwoOne / RekaOne / Ghostpatrol

RekaOne TwoOne Ghostpatrol Idle Hands Mural
“Idle Hands”, a mural by TwoOne, RekaOne, and Ghostpatrol.

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27.10.11 by Jeff

Meggs / Vancouver

Remember when my friend Meggs came and stayed with me and I told you I would show you what he was working on? Well, I’m finally allowed to show you! Enjoy!

Max and the entire gang at Endeavor have always been good to me, when I designed snowboards for them several years ago (here) it was kind of like my first big break. Support these guys!



25.07.11 by Jeff

Joao Ruas and Andrew Hem

Watch Joao Ruas and Andrew Hem paint a mural together.

Mural painted by Joao Ruas and Andrew Hem

Watch the video below!

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