23.05.13 by Jeff

Etta Bond “Under The Knife”

Etta Bond / Under The Knife music video
Incredible music video for Etta Bond’s “Under the Knife”. Watch it below!

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22.05.13 by Jeff

Raffertie “Build Me Up”

Raffertie Build Me Up music video
Another stunner from director Vincent Haycock. Not super into the editing, but I love the mood here. Watch below!

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15.05.13 by Jeff

Wild Nothing “A Dancing Shell”

Wild Nothing A Dancing Shell official music video

If you ever looked at a painting by Eric Shaw and wondered what it would look like animated, today is your lucky day. But if you ever looked at a painting by Eric Shaw and wondered what it would look like animated over top of music by Wild Nothing, today is your even luckier day. Watch below!

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15.05.13 by Jeff

Keys N Krates “Treat Me Right”

Keys N Krates - Treat Me Right music video
Round of applause for Keys N Krates new video directed by Ohji. Harlequin romance novels get animated. Watch below!

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29.04.13 by Jeff

Binary “G.O.D.”

Binary G.O.D. animation
The vibe of this reminds me of that trippy pink elephants sequence in Dumbo. Watch below!

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23.04.13 by Jeff

Bonobo “First Fires”

Bonobo First Fires music video directed by Young Replicant
Beautiful video for Bonobo, directed by Alex Takacs aka Young Replicant. Watch below!

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18.04.13 by Jeff

A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tun Melt

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tun Melt music video
New A-trak video features a giant Rube Goldberg machine! Definitely been done but a few sequences in here keep it fresh! Watch below!

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17.04.13 by Jeff

Iron and Wine “Joy”

Iron and Wine Joy animation music video
Great mix of different animation techniques in this! Directed by Hayley Morris. Watch below!

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11.04.13 by Jeff

Radical Dads “Rapid Reality”

Radical Dads Rapid Reality music video
Animation by Katie Armstrong for Radical Dads. Watch below!

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