25.06.13 by Staff

“Papo” by Nutia

NUTIA - PAPO music video
A wonderfully simple stop motion music video directed by Max Mörtl for Nutia’s song “Papo.” Watch it below!

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20.06.13 by Jeff

Gesaffelstein “Pursuit” (NSFW)

Gesaffelstein Pursuit music video (NSFW)
Another stunner of a video directed by Fleur & Manu. They were the directors behind M83’s incredible trilogy (see here, here, and here). Heads up there’s some nudity in this one.

Watch below!

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18.06.13 by Jeff

“Bad Habit” by Foals (NSFW)

Beautiful video directed by Nabil for Foals’ “Bad Habit”. Heads up, there’s a bit of nudity in this one (nothing really gratuitous). Watch it below!

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13.06.13 by Staff

Útidúr “Vultures”

Útidúr Vultures music video
Beautifully directed video by Salazar, for Útidúr’s song “Vultures.” Watch it below!

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03.06.13 by Jeff

Adrian Sieber “Round Round Song”

Adrian Sieber Round Round Song
Enjoyed this video directed by Danila, lots of repetitive loops used quite effectively here. Watch below!

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03.06.13 by Staff

The Antler King “Gold Red Circles”

The Antler King / Gold Red Circles
Love this music video for The Antler King directed by Domien Huyghe! Watch it below!

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31.05.13 by Jeff

Hypnolove “Come To My Empire”

Hypnolove Come To My Empire music video
From what I understand this is a tribute to Camarón de la Isla, one of the  greatest flamenco singers. Watch below!

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28.05.13 by Jeff

RHYE “Open (Bondax Remix)”

RHYE Open (Bondax Remix)
Nothing mind-blowing here, just a simple kaleidoscope effect over a really chill track. Watch below!

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