07.01.13 by Jeff

Angel Olsen / Tiniest Seed

Angel Olsen / Tiniest Seed music video
This film, a collaboration between Angel Olsen, Randy Sterling Hunter, Ashley Connor, and Zia Anger, was made using a single roll of tri-x 16mm film. It was rewound and re-exposed many times, developed, and sent across the Atlantic Ocean. A response was filmed and what you see here is the two spliced together.

Watch below!

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07.12.12 by Jeff

M83 “Wait”

M83 Wait music video
The word epic should be reserved for videos like this. Watch below!

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05.12.12 by Jeff

Plaster / Boogéré

Plaster Boogéré featuring LAZYLEGZ
How Lazylegz gets the girl. Watch below!

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03.12.12 by Jeff

Flying Lotus / Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus Tiny Tortures music video
New Flying Lotus video directed by David Lewandowski! He instantly became my favourite person on Vimeo when he uploaded that “Going to the Store” video (here).

Watch “Tiny Tortures” below!

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21.11.12 by Jeff

Florence and the Machine / Lover to Lover

Florence and the Machine / Lover to Lover
Another beauty from director Vincent Haycock. Watch below!

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20.11.12 by Jeff

Dutch Uncles / Fester

Dutch Uncles / Fester
Isaac Eastgate directs this video for Dutch Uncles. It’s obvious the world needs more xylophone music. Watch below!

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16.11.12 by Jeff

Lushlife / Magnolia

Lushlife Magnolia music video
I saw this video floating around last week but I skipped over it based on the thumbnail image they chose. If they had chosen the image above I would have watched this sooner, in any case this is a great video! No budget? No problem.

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09.11.12 by Jeff

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala

Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards music video
New Tame Impala video directed by Joe Pelling and Becky Sloan. I’ve been playing this album to death! Watch below!

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24.10.12 by Jeff

“Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver” – Gotye

Gotye Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver animation
This is a beauty. Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp (Rubber House) have created one of my favourite animations of the year here. Something about it reminds me of Kid Koala’s “Fender Bender” and also this. Watch below!

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