21.02.13 by Jeff

Pariah “Signal Loss”

pariah signal loss animation
I love low-poly animations. The character was captured using Xbox Kinect. Watch below!

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19.02.13 by Jeff

Darwin Deez “You Can’t Be My Girl”

Darwin Deez you Cant Be My Girl music video
Keith Schofield’s new video for Darwin Deez created by editing stock footage! Watch below!

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13.02.13 by Jeff

James Blake “Retrograde”

James Blake - Retrograde music video
New James Blake! Directed by Martin de Thurah! What more do you need to know? Watch below!

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12.02.13 by Jeff

Efterklang “The Living Layer”

Efterklang The Living Layer music video
Love this song. Watch below!

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09.02.13 by Jeff

Christophe Thockler for Black Books

Christophe Thockler for Black Books favorite place
Awesome music video created by Christophe Thockler for Black Books for their new track Favorite Place. Watch Below!

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07.02.13 by Jeff

Jamie Lidell “You Naked”

Jamie Lidell You Naked music video
New Jamie Lidell, directed by Flat-e! Watch below!

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01.02.13 by Jeff

Clubfeet “Everything You Wanted”

clubfeet music video for everything you wanted
A simple effect used over and over but I still like it. Directed by Oh Yeah Wow. Watch below!

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29.01.13 by Jeff

Bonobo “Cirrus”

Bonobo Cirrus music video by Cyriak
A trippy animation by Cyriak for Bonobo! Watch below!

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