21.04.11 by Jeff

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva

Drawings by Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. Rotterdam.

Artist Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva
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13.04.10 by Jeff

Foam Magazine

Thank you Foam Magazine. You complete me.

foam magazine photography publication netherlands
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19.03.10 by Jeff

Misha De Ridder

Photos by Misha De Ridder. Amsterdam.

misha de ridder photographer photography amsterdam
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28.12.09 by Jeff

Katja Mater

Multiple moments during the making of a drawing, by Katja Mater.

katja one mater artist drawing marker multiple moments
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01.12.09 by Jeff

Debbie Tea

Photos by Debbie Tea. The Netherlands.

debbie tea girl portrait photographer photography
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01.05.09 by Jeff

Foam Magazine

I just received a fantastic publication from the Netherlands called, FOAM. It features photographers from all over the world on 170+ pages – glossy pages, matte pages, fold-outs, everything! And the best part is they are currently looking for submissions for their 2009 Talent issue! So head on over to Foam Magazine and let them know you should be published!

foam international photography magazine
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20.03.09 by Jeff

Merijn Hos illustrations

Illustrations by Merijn Hos. Netherlands.

merijn hos illustration illustrator
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