09.01.14 by Jeff

The New School Competition


One of our current Quality Sponsors, The New School, in New York, is hosting a competition open to anyone graduating high school this year (or older). Up for grabs is one full and one partial scholarship for a bachelor’s program to any of the five divisions at The New School.

If you’re interested, head over here.

03.12.13 by Jeff

Video Profile: Designer Jessica Walsh


A new episode of “Like Knows Like” is here, and this one profiles designer Jessica Walsh (whom I’ve featured here a couple times). The series was created by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. Watch the video below!

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18.11.13 by Jeff

Rachel Levit

Drawings by illustrator Rachel Levit

Drawings by Rachel Levit. Brooklyn, New York. More below!

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13.11.13 by Jeff

Amanda Jasnowski (@hokaytokay)

Amanda Jasnowski (@hokaytokay) Interview

“Like Knows Like” is a superb documentary project, founded by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. This latest episode is a profile on photographer Amanda Jasnowski, better known to the Instagram world as @hokaytokay.

I often wander around on Instagram looking for new work and this funny thing happens time and time again. I scroll down to some older photos buried deep in this person’s feed, and there’s one photo that catches my eye. So I click to leave a friendly comment, and I find the most positive uplifting encouraging message has already been posted! And it’s from Amanda.

It’s been amazing to watch Amanda’s work evolve and her following expand. If you’re a photographer (or anyone) trying to figure out how to survive doing your own thing you could learn a lot from her.

Watch the video profile below!

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14.10.13 by Jeff

Circle Board in NYC

Circle Board in NYC with Mark Gonzales and Krooked

Mark Gonzales and the Krooked team havin’ fun in New York City with 9 skateboards connected together (slightly NSFW ending). Watch the video below!

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01.10.13 by Jeff

NYC Ballet Presents “New Beginnings”

NYC Ballet Presents New Beginnings a tribute to 911

I wish I had seen this sooner. The New York City Ballet created this beautiful tribute to 911, on the 57th floor of the 4WTC building. It was released on September 12th as a hopeful look forward. Watch below!

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12.09.13 by Jeff

Brendan Donleavy

Artist painter Brendan Donleavy

I met several artists while I was out in New York on the weekend, one of them was Brendan Donleavy. He doesn’t have a whole lot of work online at the moment but keep an eye on him. There’s a few more images below but they don’t do his work justice as he likes to go pretty large!

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23.08.13 by Jeff

Swiss Miss Interview

Swiss Miss Interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg

One of my favourite interview series “Like Knows Like” is back with another episode. This time photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout visit the lovely Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swiss Miss). Watch the video profile below!

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