11.01.17 by Staff

“Removed” by Artist Eric Pickersgill


People pose as if holding their hand-held devices in this thought-provoking series by North Carolina-based artist Eric Pickersgill. Check out more images from “Removed” below.

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25.11.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Jim Gaylord


A selection of work made from cutout paper by Brooklyn-based artist Jim Gaylord (click here for previous post). More images below.

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12.05.15 by Kory Kingsley

Rachel Boillot


Some lovely Southern photos by Durham, North Carolina-based photographer, Rachel Boillot. Take a look at the rest of her series below.

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04.02.15 by Jeff

Celia Johnson


Paintings by North Carolina-based artist Celia Johnson. More below.

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08.01.15 by Jeff

Adam Bellefeuil


Photos by North Carolina-based photographer Adam Bellefeuil. More below.

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20.12.08 by Jeff

Kurney Ramsey

A Night Life, by Kurney Ramsey.

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