21.10.14 by Jeff

Benjamin Cook


Paintings by artist Benjamin Cook. Via our October Submissions. More below.

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17.10.14 by Jeff

Jack Vanzet


Works by Melbourne-based artist/designer Jack Vanzet. More below.

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17.10.14 by Jeff

Adela Leibowitz


Paintings by New York-based artist Adela Leibowitz. More below.

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17.10.14 by Jeff

Cody Berringer


Paintings by artist Cody Berringer. More below.

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17.10.14 by Jeff

Jonathan Chapline


Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Chapline. More below.

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16.10.14 by Jeff

These are Not Pieces of Trash They Are Detailed Paintings on Carved Wood


What you’re looking at is not a discarded cigarette package, it’s a detailed painting by artist Tom Pfannerstill on a carved piece of basswood. His artworks are made based on objects he finds in the street, which he carefully catalogs, noting the time and place of each. These re-created artifacts act as a very personal record of his movements through time and space. For him, creating these 3D memories is “strangely comforting in a world that is increasingly electronic and virtual”.

Lots more images below!

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14.10.14 by Jeff

Angela Dufresne


Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Angela Dufresne. More below.

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13.10.14 by Jeff

Suzanne Kammin


Paintings by Newark, New Jersey-based artist Suzanne Kammin. More below.

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